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Etch A Design In The Glass Door At Your Shop

by Sara Cook

Do you have a glass door from a retailer like S & J Door Inc at your shop that you would like to personalize with a special design or logo? If so, you can etch the glass with etching cream and stenciling. After you are finished, your door will stand out and look like one-of-a-kind. The results are permanent and will not come off, even after cleaning the glass. The steps that you need to complete are described below.

Purchase These Materials

  • etching cream
  • stencils
  • masking tape
  • carbon paper
  • contact paper
  • pencil
  • craft cutter
  • sponge brush
  • rubber gloves
  • safety goggles
  • wet rag
  • hose

Transfer The Design To Contact Paper

Stencils of the design or logo that you will be adding to the glass need to be transferred to contact paper. Peel the backing off of the contact paper and attach it to the portion of glass that you want to be etched. Make sure that the paper is laying flat and that no wrinkles are present.

Hold a sheet of carbon paper over the contact paper. Place the stencils on top of the carbon paper. Trace around each one with a pencil. Take your time tracing and make sure your pencil is placed right next to the stencil for each part that you are tracing. A carbon outline will be transferred to the contact paper.  

Cut The Outline

Very carefully cut out the outline. Use a craft cutter to do this. Press the blade over the outlined areas. When finished, remove the parts that you have cut out. You are now left with an outline of the design or logo with contact paper surrounding it. Cover your hands with rubber gloves before applying the etching cream. Wear protective eye wear.

The cream contains hydrofluoric acid which could irritate your skin and eyes. Dip your foam brush into the etching cream, making sure it is evenly covered. Wipe the brush over the cut out areas, filling them in with the etching cream. Each area needs to have plenty of cream in order for the end result to look good. 

Remove The Etching Cream

Remove etching cream with water. If the design was placed on the outside of your establishment, you can rinse the glass off with a hose. If the design was etched on the glass from the inside, you will need to use a wet rag to do this. Blot the etching cream with the rag and continue rinsing it until all of the etching cream has been removed. Slowly remove the contact paper, being careful not to damage the design.

Your door will have a beautiful design on it that will improve the appearance of your shop. Regularly clean the glass door with soap and water. As long as you are not too rough with the design and use a consistent amount of pressure when cleaning, it will not become damaged and will remain attractive.