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Signs Of Trouble: Know When Your Ceiling Needs Repairs

by Sara Cook

Your home is your pride and joy, and your sanctuary from the harsh outside world. As such, you strive and work to make sure that it is in the best possible condition at all times. You keep everything clean, clear your gutters of unwanted debris, and even get up on your roof once in a while to make sure your shingles are intact. However, in spite of all of your efforts, the one truth of home ownership is that inevitably something will go wrong, fall apart, or need repair at one point or another. When it comes to your drywall ceiling, you want to keep a close eye on it. Drywall is extremely susceptible to water damage, and if you are not vigilant about inspecting your ceiling on a regular basis, your entire ceiling could collapse. You need to know what to look out for to keep disaster from striking.

Stains or Discolorations

One of the signs that your ceiling may be in need of repair that is the easiest to notice is a sudden stain or discoloration on your ceiling. Now, you may have such marks on your ceiling already, if you have had water damage or any similar issue before. If so, you know what they look like. If not, imagine a giant coffee or tea stain on your white ceiling, and you will know what you are looking for. 

Even if you already have stains or marks on your ceiling, keep an eye on them for any changes or expansions of those stains. This could be signs of a recurrence of a previous problem.

Fuzzy Patches on Your Ceiling

A change in texture on your ceiling is a sign of water damage that may have since dried, at least partially. The fuzziness on your roof is the moldy after-effect of that water damage. 

This mold can be white, black, green or virtually any other color imaginable. If you notice such fuzziness, you will want to make sure and schedule an appointment to get it removed and to have further drywall water damage repairs performed that may be necessary.

A Sudden Bubble in Your Ceiling

The surest sign of water pooling on your ceiling, which could lead to a total ceiling collapse, is a bubble (or several) suddenly forming on your ceiling. This bubble protruding down from your ceiling is filled with water.

If you notice such a bubble, you should position a bucket or bowl underneath the bubble. Then use a pin or thin needle to create a drain hole for the water to come out of. This will prevent further pooling and keep the bubble from growing and damaging more of your roof. At this point, once you have the water drained, you will want to go about the work of repairing the damage. 

Now that you know the signs that your ceiling needs repair, you will be able to avert disaster before it strikes. Repairing minor damage from water that you find in these instances is a lot better than replacing a collapsed ceiling. So, keep an eye to your ceiling for signs of trouble.

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