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Debunking Cardboard Recycling Myths

by Sara Cook

Environmental awareness has become a major issue in many communities around the country. This should not be surprising, given that climate change has emerged as a major national issue and many local landfills are struggling to keep up with demand. While recycling can be an effective way of reducing your trash output, there are a couple of common misconceptions when it comes to recycling that you should generally disregard. 

Myth: Recycling Is Always Inconvenient

Many people may avoid recycling because they are under the belief that they will have to transport all of their recyclables to the facility. For those without a truck or large car, this can seem like a daunting and impossible task. Fortunately, there are many providers that offer pickup services for those needing them. 

When you are scheduled for pickup services, the recycling center will dispatch a truck either at the same time each week or when you request one. You will need to speak with a representative from the local recycling center to determine which option they offer. However, regardless of which is available, you can drastically improve the convenience of recycling, and this can help those with busy schedules or limited transportation the opportunity to do their part for the environment. 

Myth: Cardboard Can Be Turned In With Regular Paper

One of the most confusing parts of recycling for many people is sorting their items. While it may seem simple enough that plastics, papers and metals should all be separated, many individuals do not realize that cardboard can not be placed with traditional paper products. 

Recycling cardboard takes far more energy and force than conventional paper. As a result, it is vital for you to separate your cardboard products from your paper ones. Failure to perform this step can result in fines from the recycling center, and you may cause mechanical problems at the facility if you place cardboard with paper. 

Unfortunately, each facility treats cardboard differently. As a result, you will need to contact your local recycling facility to determine whether they can accommodate your needs and what you need to do to prevent causing problems for the center. 

Recycling can be an excellent way of reducing the amount of damage that you do to the environment. Unfortunately, recycling has only recently gained prominence, and many people do not have much experience with this environmentally friendly method of trash disposal. After learning the truth behind these common recycling notions, you will be in a better position to enjoy the services offered by your local recycling centers, like Sunwest Metals Inc.