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Preventing A Windshield Chip From Turning Into A Crack

by Sara Cook

To the novice driver, a crack in the windshield is little more than a cosmetic flaw. However, for those drivers that understand safety, a crack in the windshield is a safety hazard. With that being said, for one reason or another, taking your vehicle in for a repair immediately after you recognize a crack might not be possible. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help minimize the risk of the crack spreading until you can get your vehicle in for repairs by professionals, such as Central Glass.

Extreme Temperatures

Avoid extreme temperature changes. This is particularly true during the summer months of the year. For instance, say you left your vehicle parked out in the middle of the sun while you were at work. As soon as you got in your car you turned your air conditioner on full blast.

The powerful, cold air rushing against your scorching hot windshield could lead to a pressure crack. You can prevent this issue by avoiding extremes. First, consider parking in a shaded area, so that your car doesn't get as hot. Secondly, don't turn your air conditioner on full blast right away. Turn it on slow and incrementally increase the level overtime.

Bumpy Roads

When you have a chip in your glass, this isn't the time to go off-roading. A chip in your windshield places it in a vulnerable state. Each time you hit a bump, this puts excess pressure on an already fragile piece of glass. A small chip can easily turn into a large crack that may require you to have your entire windshield replaced.  

Look out for potholes, speed bumps any other obstructions in the road. It's also important that you not slam on your breaks excessively as this can cause the same effect.

Don't Take Chances

While there are things you can do to decrease the chance of the crack in your windshield from spreading, don't take any chances. Don't use these tips to put off this repair indefinitely. Instead, you can use these tips to stay safe until your appointment day rolls around.

Even a small chip in the window is a safety hazard because it decreases the integrity of the glass. In the event of a relatively minor collision, a vehicle with a damaged windshield is more likely to shatter than a windshield in good condition. Don't take chances with your safety and get your windshield repaired at your earliest convenience.

Make certain you are taking steps to be a responsible driver. Your safety and the safety of the passengers in the vehicle with you is important.