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Custom Homes: How To Build Exactly What You Want And Nothing You Don't

by Sara Cook

The biggest problem with house hunting is that you can never find exactly what you are looking for. There is always a compromise if you settle for a home that has most of what you want and need, but lacks one or two things. It begs the question--why are you compromising if you have the chance to create the house of your dreams? Most people do not realize that there are construction businesses out there that will help them build custom homes, using some of the most popular features and incorporating your own ideas into easy-to-build modular construction.

Dozens of Floor Plans

Every modular home floor plan has the basics:

  • A master bedroom
  • A primary bathroom
  • A kitchen
  • A living room
  • One to three more bedrooms
  • Single- or two-story construction

The difference between hiring an architect to create home a from scratch (and they maybe still will not get it quite right) and designing your custom home from modular plans is that you can move the parts all around and make them bigger or smaller as your needs dictate. You can add extra rooms as well, including more bathrooms and a dining room or den.

Split-Level, Ranch, Colonial--It's Your Choice

Combine house structures and styles to suit your own taste. The whole point to custom houses is to create a home that is positively perfect for you and your family in every possible way. It can be as unique as you are, or as cookie-cutter style as the neighbor next door because you absolutely love their house and want one exactly like it. Modular plans offer you exactly that.

Changing Gears Mid-Construction

The other nicety about customization and modular construction is that you can completely change gears mid-construction and request that something be removed or added on to your home. For instance, you may want a winding staircase from the second floor down to the first, opening into the foyer. Then you decide that it is taking up too much space and opt for a traditional straight staircase instead. The company that builds your home can completely redo the staircase and continue on. You cannot really do that with on-site construction.

Building on as Much or as Little Land as You Want

Custom homes also allow you to build on as much land as you want. If you are disappointed because you cannot find enough land with an existing home and property, a custom modular home on land you pick out and purchase yourself is the ideal solution. It also allows you to select the exact area in which you want your home to be constructed, and you are not restricted to living somewhere just because you settled for a home that falls a little short of your desires and expectations.