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Understanding The 4 Types Of Industrial Drum Heaters

by Sara Cook

As someone shopping for industrial drum heaters for your company, you are likely wondering about the different options available. Drum heaters are designed to heat a variety of substances for processing in glass, plastic, or steel storage drums, and they also come in four unique styles:

  1. strip drum heaters
  2. blanket drum heaters
  3. immersion drum heaters
  4. drum heating plates

Here is some information on each type of drum heater to help you decide which will best meet your company's needs:

Strip Drum Heaters

Strip drum heaters wrap around a storage drum and heat its contents using inductive heat. Strip heaters can safely be used in non-hazardous areas and are resistant to damage from most chemicals and water. 

Strip heaters are the least expensive option of the four types, but they are designed more for warming drums than they are for higher heat applications. Choose this type of heater if you need to avoid freezing or to keep substances warm in your warehouse.

Blanket Drum Heaters

Blanket drum heaters wrap completely around a storage drum and heat the whole surface area with a uniform heat. This type of heater is often used in areas around hazardous substances.

Blanket heaters are generally more expensive than strip models, but they are less expensive than immersion heaters and drum heating plates. 

Immersion Drum Heaters

As the name implies, immersion heaters are placed inside of the drum and are immersed within its contents. Immersion heaters are often placed into drums to melt solids, such as grease, lard, and wax. Since they are internal, immersion drum heaters are used in areas with hazardous materials.

Immersion drum heaters vary in price depending upon their application but are typically more expensive than blanket or strip heaters.

Drum Heating Plates

Where the previous three types of drum heaters all wrap around or go inside a drum, drum heating plates are designed to work like a kitchen hot pad. The storage drum is placed on top of the heating plate and the contents are heated from below. This type of heater is only used with non-hazardous substances because it has the ability to heat very quickly.

Drum heating plates can be used alone, but they are typically used in combination with another one of the heater types listed above. The purpose of the added heating plate is to bring the drum's contents up to a high heat in the fastest way possible. This saves time and it saves on electricity as well.


As you can see, there are four styles of drum heaters that each have their own design advantages to safely heat storage drums in your industrial space. If you need further assistance with drum heaters, you should contact an industrial equipment supplier in your area.