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Two Tips For Securing Your New Sliding Glass Patio Doors

by Sara Cook

Sliding glass doors make a great choice for a patio, because they create a wide space when you slide them open, and they let a lot of sunlight indoors because of all of the glass. Unfortunately, they aren't without concerns. The biggest concern with many sliding glass doors is security, especially when the doors are easy to access, like patio doors are. Here's a look at two tips you should know so you can go ahead and install those sliding glass doors for your patio without worries of security issues.

Invest in Locking Bars

Known in some circles as Charlie bars, locking bars keep your sliding glass door from opening when you don't want it to. These heavy-duty bars are made to install between the door frame and the inside edge of your sliding glass door, preventing the door from moving at all. You'll have to attach a mounting bracket to the door frame and then add an anchor to the inside door. Then, when you slide the bar into the anchor, the door is secure.

Opt for Strategically Placed Track Screws

The track for your sliding glass door is designed to allow you to easily remove the door from the track when necessary. The key to this design is the space between the track and the top of the door itself. Unfortunately, this also leaves a vulnerability because the door could potentially be lifted out of place by a would-be intruder. The best way to prevent this from happening is by installing track screws.

Slide the door open as far as you can, then drill three holes, all spaced fairly evenly, into the top of the track. Then, screw in a couple of pan-head screws just far enough that they allow the door to slide, but not so far that you can lift the door out of place. That way, you just have to remove the screws if you ever want to take the door out for any reason, but nobody can get in from outside.

Although there are many different options for securing a sliding glass door to your patio, these two choices are a couple of the most effective and easiest to implement. If you're looking for a way to enjoy the beauty of sliding glass patio doors without having to sacrifice the safety of your home, these tips will help. Talk with a professional patio door installer about the best protections for your door.