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Four Unique Ways To Give Your Hardwood Flooring A Custom Look

by Sara Cook

If you want to have a unique look for the floors in your home, wood flooring is a great option. There are many different choices of materials available today, which do not have the be traditional hardwood materials. You can also choose from materials like bamboo or softwoods like pines. There are also many choices of finishes that can be used to create new looks. Here are some of the ways that you can change the look of your home with custom wood floors:

1. Give Your Floors A Different Look With Reclaimed Lumber

Today, many reclaimed materials are available from the demolition of old buildings. These materials can make great flooring solutions. Sometimes, these materials may even be wood that is not available commercially, such as old growth lumber.

2. Repair And Refinish Old Hardwood That Has Been Covered For Decades

Another thing that you may run into when redoing your floors is old hardwoods that have been covered with different flooring products. These floors are often covered with carpet, tile or other products because they have been damaged. If most of the floors are in good shape, you can do a few repairs and have them refinished instead of putting down all new floors. This can often be more affordable than installing new hardwood flooring.

3. Use A Combination Of Stains And Finishes To Give Wood A Custom Look

There are also many things that you can do when finishing your floors to make them look unique. First, you can sand the floors all the way to the bare wood. This can allow you to apply different stains to the flooring. You can use stencils and masking tape to create patterns and custom designs in the floors. When you finish the floors, you can have an interesting custom look to them.

4. Instal Hardwood Flooring In Unique Custom Patterns For An Interesting Look

In addition to the staining, you can also have the hardwood flooring installed in patterns. If you do this, you can use a combination of woods for designs like 3D patterns. It is important to remember that if you use different materials, you will want to use woods that have similar levels hardness. This will ensure that the floor wears evenly and that you have durable floors.

If you are ready to change the floors in your home, contact a hardwood flooring contractor and talk with them about some of these ideas to give your floors a custom finish. Talk to the professionals at New York Hardwood Floors to see if they can meet your needs.