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Learn How To Replace Damaged Bricks On Your Home's Chimney

by Sara Cook

If a few bricks on your home's chimney became loose and were damaged after some tree limbs fell onto the roof, remove the broken materials, and install some new bricks by completing the instructions below. After you have replaced the bricks, your home's exterior will look better and the chimney will work properly when you use your home's fireplace. 


  • ladder
  • broom
  • mallet
  • chisel
  • putty knife
  • water hose
  • mortar mix
  • measuring cup
  • bucket
  • water
  • mixing stick
  • hand trowel

Remove The Damaged Bricks And Clean The Exterior

Set up a ladder next to the end of your home that contains the chimney. Ask a friend or family member to keep a close eye on you as you climb the ladder so that it doesn't tip over. Sweep up any debris that is on the roof's surface. Place the tip of a chisel against any damaged pieces of brick that still remain on the chimney's exterior, and firmly tap the opposite end of the tool with a mallet. Remove the brick pieces by hand as they are loosened.

Use a putty knife to scrape away any old mortar that was previously used to hold the bricks in place. Rinse the chimney's surface off with a strong stream of water when you have finished. Wait for the chimney to dry.

Add New Bricks To The Chimney

Read the back of the bag that the mortar mix came in to determine how much mix and water to add together. Use a measuring cup to assist with adding the proper amount of each item to a bucket. Stir the mix and water until it is an even consistency. Use a hand trowel to apply an even layer of mortar to the side of each brick that will be added to the chimney's exterior. Press each one firmly into place until they are all stable.

Use a putty knife to wipe away any excess mortar that is on the surface of each brick. The mortar will need a day or two to dry completely. During this time, refrain from using the fireplace inside of your home.

Maintain The Chimney's Exterior

After the mortar is dry, the chimney will look the way it did before the damage occurred. Maintain the chimney by removing debris that falls onto the roof near where it is located a couple times each year. Spray the chimney's exterior off with a water hose when it appears to be dirty. If the chimney is ever severely damaged in the future, consult with a professional company that specializes in repairs, like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service, in order to have it restored to its previous condition.