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Four Tips For Choosing Your Best Shingle Color

by Sara Cook

Years ago, everyone just went with black shingles. Choosing a color was not even an option! While it is lovely to have hundreds of shingle colors to choose from these days, it does add a bit more challenge to the process of getting a new roof. You don't want to pick a color that ends up clashing with your home or calling too much attention to it! Follow these four tips to help you choose your best shingle color.

Don't rely on online photos.

The color representations of various shingles on the internet are not always accurate. Each computer presents colors a little bit differently. In order to ensure colors you are considering are truly what you want, make sure you look at real swatches, not online photos. You can obtain real swatches from your roofing company. If they don't have samples of the actual colors you're considering, then they can order them for you from the roofing contractors. It's worth waiting a few days for them to come in so you can see the shingles in person.

Look at the shingles in outdoor, natural light.

Have you ever noticed that your reflection looks different indoors under artificial light than it does outdoors in the sun? Shingles are the same. Natural light and artificial light are going to cause different colors within them to stand out. Since the shingles will be outdoors, make sure you look at them outdoors when deciding whether you like them.

Ask a few friends for their opinion.

A roof lasts for decades, and everyone who passes your home can see it. You might also sell your home in the future, even if you're not planning on it right now. For these reasons, it's important that you're not the only one who likes your shingle color. If everyone else thinks a color that you love looks hideous, you're probably best off choosing a different color. Show your top three or four shingle picks to a couple of friends, and see which they like best. Before you put a specific color on your home, verify that your friends think it's an acceptable choice.

Make sure the undertones match your home.

Don't just focus on the predominant color in your shingles. Most have several colors of granules. Make sure those granules that are less prominent (the ones that create a so-called "undertone") also match your home. For example, you might find cedar-colored shingles with a yellow undertone and others with a red undertone. If your home has red trim, the ones with the red undertone are the more fitting choice.