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Rent-A-Wrecker! And Other Odd Jobs Provided By Construction Crews To Help You

by Sara Cook

More and more homeowners are trying to DIY bigger home projects. While it is possible to learn how to demolish a woodshed or pour concrete, there are still some jobs that need a little extra help from a pro. If you do not want to do an all-out contract with a construction contractor for your next remodeling or construction project, there are smaller services, such as crane services, provided by local contractors. Here is just a sampling of the small odd jobs contractors are willing to do for you.


Do you want to take down a structure on your property quickly and not have to spend several hours swinging a sledgehammer? Some contractors offer rent-a-wrecker services. This includes a boom crane with a wrecking ball attachment and the operator. Usually, there is an hourly fee for this service, plus whatever fees the contractor charges for gas, transportation of the crane and wrecking ball and the wages of the operator. Talk with a local company, such as Winslow Crane Service Co, to see if this is a service they offer. 

Fence Post Installation

Most of the work involved with residential fence installation lies with the installation of the fence post timbers. Every one of these requires its own hole in the ground, cement to fill the hole and around the base of the post timber and stabilization until the cement dries and sets. If this sounds like way more work than you want to do, and you just want to be able to drop your fence panels over the tops of the post timbers and be done, contractors can do the dirty work for you and then leave you to install the fence panels around your property.

Yard Fill-In

Got some low areas in your yard that are constantly flooding and leaving standing pools of water? While this might be fun in winter because it creates your own personal skating rink, it is not fun in the warmer months when the flooded yard makes it impossible to do any other activity. You need a yard fill-in with a load of dirt/soil. This is one odd job that contractors can take care of quickly. A dump truck brings in a load of soil, while another driver/operator uses a mini-front loader to push all of this soil into and over the low areas of your yard. It works best if you have this done on a day after a rainstorm because then the contractor's crew can see right where the soil needs to be pushed and dropped. After filling in these low areas and leveling it off, you can then lay your own sod or plant a garden--whichever you choose.