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4 Fantastic Ideas For Stairways In Your Home

by Sara Cook

A stairway is a useful space as it transitions different levels in your home. It could be the first thing you see when guests enter your house, or it can be tucked away in a different room. Wherever its location, though, the visual of your staircase is an architectural statement. Design a staircase for your remodel that adds value to your home.

Wrought Iron Railing

Wrought iron has long been prized for its gorgeous craftsmanship. While the material is commonly used for fencing, wrought iron also makes a beautiful railing for a traditional style staircase. Often, the design combines the wrought iron baluster with a wooden handrail. Such railing can either be straight, or it can curve up a circular staircase. Such an installation is striking for a staircase that transitions directly from the foyer of your house.

Modern Marvel

On the flip side, a contemporary home calls for a modern style staircase. Modern style typically exhibits clean lines and obvious geometry, often with a touch of the industrial. For this staircase, consider starting with clean wooden slabs left exposed at the stringer, or side. The posts should be similarly minimalist, probably simple metal strips. To keep the look open, have the contractors string cable wire for the balusters, and top them with either a matching wood rail or metal.

Simple Pickets

To steal another fencing idea, white pickets are a charming companion for a country or cottage front yard. You could mimic the look in your house with the railing and balusters. In this case, have the contractors install a wooden railing with straight balusters. They shouldn't feature any carving. Painted white, such a railing simulates the look of a picket fence. This type of effect works best on a straight stairway that gets viewed mostly from the side. To complement the effect, consider either painting the background white or installing beaded board.

Custom Storage

Some homeowners pay little mind to the stairs leading to their basement. If you have a finished basement, though, the visual impact of the staircase is still important. Better Homes and Gardens suggests having storage designed to follow the line of your staircase. The top of the shelving slants at the exact angle of the staircase's handrail. The custom wooden storage features cabinets at the bottom. Such a unit can also be constructed of different materials or stained to match any décor.

Pay extra attention to your staircase during your home improvement project. For more information, contact Smith & Son Building & Remodeling, Inc. or a similar company.