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3 Things To Check Before You Begin Landscaping Renovations That Involve Digging

by Sara Cook

If you want to add value to your home, renovating your landscaping can be a good project. Some of the improvements you may want to do to your landscaping can involve digging for things such as retaining walls, fencing, privacy screens, and drainage. Before you begin with your landscaping project you will want to do tasks like check easements, locate utilities, and have plans drawn. Here are some of the things that you will want to check before you begin digging for your landscaping renovations:

1. Locating The Utilities To Prevent Accidentally Cutting Lines

Even though you may think that there are no utilities where you are planning on digging, things like buried electrical, sewer, and gas lines can often be poorly marked. They may also be so old that they do not show up on property drawings. This is why it is important to look for utilities in any areas where you plan on doing work. You can have a utility locating service mark the electrical, sewer, water, and gas lines to avoid problems with damage caused by digging. There are utility locators that you can buy to find lines that may not be marked.

2. Checking All The Easements Near Property Lines To Not Do Things Twice

Before you begin to do any renovations to your landscaping, another problem that you may face is easements. These are regulations that require things like landscaping structures and fences to be a certain distance away from something. You will want to check with local regulations, neighborhood associations, and other organizations for any easement requirements that may be required for the type of landscaping renovations you are doing.

3. Have A Topographical Detailed Drawing Of The Renovations To Be Done

The landscaping renovations you plan on doing can also involve changes to the topographical features of your property. Poor designs can cause problems with drainage that can cause erosion. It is a good idea to have a topographical drawing done with the landscaping design you plan on doing. This will ensure that your yard has good drainage and your landscaping renovations do not cause you problems with drainage and erosion. This can also prevent structural damage that can be caused by settling and erosion.

Checking things like utilities and easements can ensure you do not run into problems with your landscaping improvements. If you are ready for help with planning your landscaping, contact a utility locator like Spearhead Locating Services Inc. before you start to dig to avoid problems.