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Three Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without Doing A Complete Remodel

by Sara Cook

Whether your bathroom has a dated bathtub or you simply want a new look for your space, you can give it a fresh, new look without having to do a complete remodel. Here are just some of the many ways you can update your bathroom with just a few changes.

Bathtub Refinishing

Adding a new bathtub to your room can require a lot of work, between removing the old tub and installing the new one. However, bathtub refinishing is an option that gives your tub an updated look without having to replace it. This is a great option if you are stuck with a tub that is an odd color, or if your bathtub has simply become discolored over the years. Your contractor can repair any chips or cracks in the tub, and he or she can add a new top coat of color to match your desired look. You can opt for a neutral white or ivory shade, or you can get adventurous by choosing a bright color to add a bold finishing touch to your bathroom. Contact a company like Carefree Koatings to learn more about bathtub refinishing.

New Hardware

You might be surprised at just how much replacing your existing sink and tub faucets can change the look of your bathroom. There are many different styles to choose from, and you can select an option that matches your updated decor theme. For your bathtub/shower combo, consider adding a new shower head that makes showering even more enjoyable. Rainfall shower heads offer a relaxing option, and fixtures with pulsating or massaging options can be great if you are an avid athlete or have a physically demanding job. Your contractor can switch out your fixtures for you, or you can tackle this project as a DIY job. As a reminder, replacing the faucet and handles for your tub may require the removal of a few pieces of tile. If you aren't comfortable with tile work, you may want to leave this project to your contractor.

Updated Medicine Cabinet

While a plain medicine cabinet may not detract from your bathroom's overall appearance, replacing it with a new design can give your space a new look. Instead of a simple, unframed medicine cabinet, consider one with a wood frame around. The framed design makes your medicine cabinet a focal point in the room. Consider a model with added shelves surrounding the mirror, which can be used to display candles or other decorative items.

Work with your contractor to create a budget for your bathroom update, and let him or her know what your desired outcome will be. Your contractor can then work within your budget to make these changes to your space and give your bathroom a whole new look without having to do a remodel.