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Wondering How To Get More Hot Water In Your Home? Try Adding A Tankless Heater

by Sara Cook

If your hot water tank is not able to keep up with all the demand for hot water to your family, you may want to consider adding a tankless heater to your system. Here are just a few of the times having one could make things easier on you and your family.

Too Much Demand at One Time

If more than one person is taking a shower, or you have the dishwasher running at the same time, your normal hot water heater may not be able to keep up with the demand. A good way to solve this problem is with a tankless hot water heater. You can have one installed for all your kitchen use or one in the second bathroom. This way, no one ends up rushing through their bathing because the water was too cold.

Workshed Plumbing

If you have a sink or other type of plumbing in a garage or workshed, having a tankless hot water heater in the plumbing set up out there will help a lot. If you were to rely on the hot water tank in the house you would lose a lot of the heat as it flows through the pipes to the remote sink. You will have hotter water out there when you need it. This will also save on the fuel used to get the hot water out there.

When Alternative Energy Isn't Working

Sometimes solar or wind power systems do not provide enough energy. When this happens you may be using power from the electric company. Having a tankless water heater that is hooked up to this power source can save you fro having to switch things over on your regular heater. It won't take up much space and will keep you in hot water when you need it.

Tankless hot water heaters can be used to supply your whole house. However, you may want to put in more than one if your family used a lot of hot water each day. This is especially true when more than one feature needs supplied at one time. However, you can save money on the fuel for heating the water when it is not just sitting in a big tank waiting to be needed. The only time the heating element will be on is when you actually need it. The heater will not be turning on and off all night long to keep the water in the tank hot for your showers and no one will be stuck with a cold one.

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