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Don't Overlook These Three Critical Signs That Your Commercial Property Needs Remodeling

by Sara Cook

Do you own or manage an office located on commercial property? If so, you likely want to keep your employees and any potential visitors to the property safe. Unfortunately, some owners and managers become complacent. They get used to seeing the same things in the building on a day-to-day basis, which means that some safety issues go unfixed unless there is an injury, The following are a few areas that are sometimes overlooked. 

Toxic Building Materials

If the property is an older property, it may have some building materials that are no longer used in construction. Some of these materials such as asbestos and lead-based paint have been deemed as hazardous. This is why many building materials were phased out and are no longer sold. Some of these building materials are not apparent to the average layperson. Having your building inspected for toxic building materials is the best method of determining if you and your employees are at risk. For example, some buildings with asbestos installed are not considered a significant threat because the material is undamaged and undisturbed, but if there is any future damage, asbestos fibers could be released into the air and put individuals at risk for health complications. 


The type of flooring in the property can also put you and employees at risk. Take a moment to observe carpeted areas for tears and soiling. Tears can result in trips or falls, and heavy soiling can make some individuals sick. Ensure that rugs are secured to floors because they can also be trip hazards. Perhaps you have tiled floors. These should be inspected for damage because of trip risks. Flooring is a major concern because the risks posed by damaged flooring can impact productivity if employees have to miss work due to illness or injuries. You could also find yourself facing a lawsuit if someone is injured. 

Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards can occur in buildings that have outdated wiring. This can place the property and its occupants at risk for fires or electrocution. Upgrading the wiring in the property can prevent these catastrophes. Your employees likely rely on outlets to power up the equipment they use to work. Ensure that surge protectors are installed. Also, determine if there are any damaged outlets. For example, outlets that appear burned and outlets that no longer work are issues that could suggest that your building needs upgrades. Discourage running wires across floors due to the possibility of an accident occurring. Instead, opt to install more outlets if needed. 

A remodeling contractor like Red Rock Construction is a good resource to use to determine areas of your commercial property that are hazardous. They can also assist with aesthetic improvements, which can give your property an updated look.