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3 Red Flags That There Is an Issue with Your Septic Tank

by Sara Cook

Your septic tank is not something that is inside your house or right in front of your face the majority of the day, so it isn't something that you are going to see immediately when there is a problem. However, it is important that you take notice when there could potentially be a problem with your septic system. The sooner that you can locate an issue, the less damage it can do. This ultimately means the less expensive the repair will be. Here are three red flags of a problem with your septic system:

1. Toilet Draining Slowly When Flushed

One of the first – and most recognizable – signs that you will notice when there is an issue with your septic system is that your toilet is not going to drain as quickly as usual when you flush it. This problem is going to be even worse if it has recently rained. To remedy the issue, you should first use a plunger to try to unclog whatever is in the pipes. If you have a plumber's snake, you can run it through it as well. If this doesn't help, then the problem is deeper in the tank, possibly with a plumbing fixture or vent within the tank that you can't access.

2. Foul Odor Around the Tank and/or Inside the Home

Another recognizable sign that you may begin to notice is a very foul odor that is coming directly from the septic tank itself. In addition to the odor coming from the tank, the smell will also begin to come inside the home. This is often because your plumbing system is not properly vented and because the septic tank is about to fail for one reason or another. Due to this being such a serious issue, it is crucial that a professional be called immediately.

3. Extremely Green Grass Around the Septic Tank

This is probably the least noticeable signs of the three listed here since green grass usually isn't something that you would assume would be a red flag for something bad, especially during the spring or summer. However, during the fall or winter, green grass is definitely a sign of a huge problem, particularly if the rest of your yard is dry and brown. This is a tell-tale sign that there is a potential leak somewhere with the septic system, as the grass in this area is receiving more liquid and nutrients than other areas in the yard.

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