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The Pros And Cons Of Switching To A Gas Cooktop

by Sara Cook

If you have been cooking on an electric stove for some time, you may be considering switching over to a gas unit instead. Gas stoves tend to be preferred by top chefs and serious home cooks. But making the change does have both pros and cons, which you should consider before you make the change;

Pro: You have greater control over the temperature of your burners.

With an electric stovetop, it takes a few minutes for the burner's temperature to adjust after you change the settings. For instance, you may turn the burner down to low because your food is getting too hot, but it takes three or four minutes to really reach that low temperature, meaning your food gets scorched in the meantime. With gas, the temperature adjusts immediately, which helps you prevent overcooked food. Also, when you turn the gas burner off, the burner becomes cool almost instantly, which is convenient because it means you don't have to immediately move the pan off the burner after cooking.

Con: You may have to run a new gas line.

This is not always a major con. If you do not currently have a gas line to your home, having one installed can be expensive. However, if you have gas appliances throughout the rest of the house, your contractor should just have to run another short line from the main gas line to your stove, which will only take an hour or two.  If you have a gas line but it does not run anywhere near your kitchen, running a new line to the kitchen is a larger endeavor, but still feasible. 

Pro: Gas stoves are easier to keep clean.

Electric burners are tough to clean because the food tends to "burn" onto the surface of the coiled burner. To clean the area beneath the burner, you have to lift the burners out of their sockets. Gas stoves are a lot easier to clean because the burners themselves are just gas outlets, and the metal pieces that the pans sit on are completely removable.

Con: Gas may be more dangerous if you have kids.

Electric stoves are not entirely safe if you have kids, but gas stoves may present a slightly greater risk because there is an open flame. Your child could stick something into the flame and start a fire, whereas fires a little harder to start with an electric stove. This is not to say you can't have a gas stove if you have kids, but you will need to be more careful. 

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