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3 Tips For Improving Your Concrete Washout Practices

by Sara Cook

Many of the construction tasks performed each day require the use of concrete. Concrete mix hardens to form a usable surface for construction, but this mix can create a real mess for your tools and equipment. Proper washout techniques are critical when it comes to maintaining your equipment after you use concrete on a job site.

Here are three tips that you can use to help improve the quality of your concrete washout practices in the future.

1. Create a small washout station on the job site.

While it can be beneficial to take large items back to your shop for cleaning, having access to a small washout station on your job site will help you eliminate concrete buildup on hand tools and other small items.

In order to ensure that you are complying with environmental regulations, set up your washout station on a grassy area. This will help to ensure that any water contaminated with concrete particles will be absorbed into the ground instead of running into the sewers where it can wreak havoc on municipal water systems.

2. Keep your washout station covered.

In order to improve the effectiveness of your washout station, you should keep the area covered at all times. A tent or awning protecting your washout station will not only contribute to employee comfort, it will help to protect your concrete washout equipment from inclement weather.

A heavy rainstorm could cause your washout tank to overflow, reducing the effectiveness of the tank as a washout station for small tools. Keeping the area covered will ensure that you can use your washout station at all times without sacrificing the effectiveness of the washout equipment due to bad weather conditions.

3. Move your washout station away from storm drains.

It's important that you take the time to locate any storm drains that might be on your job site. Knowing where these storms drains are will help you decide where you should set up your concrete washout station.

You want to ensure that your washout station is far enough away from storm drains to prevent any runoff from finding its way into the drains where it could contaminate city water supplies.

Being able to establish effective concrete washout practices will help you better maintain your tools and equipment in the future. Take the time to establish a washout station for small items on your job site that is covered and located a safe distance from storm drains to make cleaning your concrete-covered tools easier. Contact a service, like CWS Colorado, LLC, for more help.