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How To Know Your Sewage System Needs Repair

by Sara Cook

When you are a homeowner, you likely do not spend a great deal of time thinking about your sewage system. However, because it is the system that takes all of the wastewater out of your home, it is a quite important component of your house. And when something goes wrong with that system, it is much better to know early on than when the system completely breaks down. Get to know some of the ways to know your sewage system needs repairs so you can get your sewer pump repairs or other sewage system repairs done as soon as possible. 

Your Plumbing Fixtures Drain Slowly

One of the many ways to tell that something is amiss with your sewer system is through your plumbing fixtures themselves. If you notice that your sinks, toilets, or even the shower are draining water slowly, you may have a sewer system problem. 

It is possible that your sewer pump has stopped working which means the sewage is not processing out of your home as quickly as it should. Alternatively, there could be a clog or other blockage somewhere in your sewer line that needs to be dislodged or removed to get your plumbing fixtures back to draining at a normal pace. 

When your plumbing fixtures drain slowly, you will want to act quickly to address the sewer system problem. Slow-draining fixtures can soon lead to completely backed up plumbing fixtures which can, in turn, lead to overflows and flooding. 

You Smell Rotten Eggs

The smell of sewage backing up in your sewer line and in your plumbing fixtures is much like rotten eggs or sulfur. It is a smell that you should not have to endure in your home. However, when there is a problem with your sewer system, you may notice that it occurs constantly or periodically in your home. 

These smells will be most prevalent near plumbing fixtures or by your sewer drain, but may permeate throughout your home if the sewage backup has gotten severe. As soon as you notice the rotten eggs smell, you should contact a sewer repair expert to help you deal with the problem right away. The smell is a sign that sewage is sitting in your sewer line or pipes. This means that every time you use a plumbing fixture, you are running the risk of having sewage overflow into your home. 

Now that you know some of the signs that your sewage system needs repair, you can be sure that you contact a sewer system repair company, such as Forrest Sewer Pump Service, as soon as you notice these signs of trouble.