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4 Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Larger

by Sara Cook

Have a tiny bathroom? Want to enhance its size and appearance? It might be impossible to actually increase the size of the space without taking on a major renovation. However, there are some simple design tricks you can deploy to make a bathroom appear larger than it really is. In fact, most of these strategies are relatively affordable and easy to implement. With a little work, you could make your bathroom appear larger over the course of a weekend. 

Below are a few such steps. Take a look at your bathroom and see how you can use these strategies.

1. Use consistent, light color tones. The key to making a bathroom, or any small space, look larger is to make it look like one space rather than several different areas. When you use a variety of colors, especially with sharp contrasts, the eye naturally breaks the room up into areas. For example, if you have light tile floors but dark walls, the mind will notice the contrast and perceive those areas as different spaces. Instead, try using the same light tone through the whole space. You may even want to paint the ceiling to match the walls or extend the floor tile throughout the shower. That will make the area look like one continuous space rather than separate areas.

2. Maximize natural light. Natural light is your best friend if you're trying to make a small space appear larger. Many people worry about privacy in a bathroom and use heavy shutters or blinds to block out the window. However, there are other options available. For instance, you could use a translucent shade or even stained glass to maintain privacy and allow natural light to enter. Also, consider placing a mirror directly across from the window. That will reflect the light throughout the room and give the effect of having two windows.

3. Use recessed cabinets. Medicine cabinets are effective storage areas in a cramped space. However, they also take up much-needed room. Instead, consider installing recessed cabinets in your bathroom's walls. This project is a little more complex as it requires drywall work. With your cabinet recessed, though, you'll have much more space available and the room will feel much larger.

4. Put clear glass in the shower. In an effort to protect privacy, many people put tempered glass doors on their showers. However, that usually creates a visual barrier and decreases the perceived size of the room. Instead, use a clear glass door to make the room look like one big space. You also may want to consider using glass shelves in the shower, rather than porcelain, tile, or even shower racks. The glass shelves create a floating look and often lend themselves to a cleaner design. That will help enhance your shower's sizes and create a seamless appearance.

Ready to enhance your bathroom's appearance? Talk to a bathroom design service like Port Orchard Glass today. They can look at your space and offer suggestions.