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Own A Restaurant? How To Avoid Serious Commercial Plumbing Problems

by Sara Cook

If you run a restaurant, the last thing you want to deal with is a plumbing problem, especially one that affects your customers. Plumbing problems in a restaurant setting can ruin your business. Here are four steps that will make sure you're not sitting on potential plumbing problems:

Don't Wait for an Overflow

When it comes to dealing with plumbing issues in your restaurant bathrooms, you want to avoid procrastination. If your drains are sluggish, chances are good that you've got a serious problem lurking below the surface. If left alone, those sluggish drains could result in an overflow situation, which will wreak havoc on your restaurant. As soon as the sinks or toilets in your customer bathrooms become sluggish, have a commercial plumber come out and take a look.

Don't Overlook the Leaks

If the pipes in your restaurant bathrooms develop a leak, don't overlook the problem --  those leaky pipes could cause you some serious problems. First, the excess water could cause your pipes to corrode. Second, the excess moisture will increase the risk of mold growth. Finally, the leak could pose a slip-and-fall risk for your employees and customers, which will increase your risk of a lawsuit. To avoid those risks, have those leaky pipes repaired immediately.

Don't Make Your Toilets a Target

If you don't have small trash receptacles in your bathroom stalls, your toilets are a target for problems. That's because people will use your toilets as a trash can, which means you'll have paper towels and feminine hygiene products going down your drains. Unfortunately, those products can lead to serious clogs in your restaurant toilets. To prevent that, keep a small trash can in each toilet stall.

Don't Neglect Your Drains

If you own a restaurant, and you haven't cleaned your drains in a few years, or you've recently moved into an existing building, now's the time to contact your commercial plumber. Dirty drains can spell disaster for your restaurant. First, they increase the risk of foul odors. Second, they increase your risk for clogs and backups. Third, they increase your risk of pest infestations. Finally, drain problems increase your risk of health and safety code violations. To keep your drains flowing and the problems away, have your restaurant drains cleaned at least once a year.

Don't take chances with the plumbing in your restaurant. Contact a commercial plumber at the first sign of a plumbing problem.