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3 Ideas To Add Interesting Wood Features To Your Modern Kitchen Renovations

by Sara Cook

If you are doing kitchen renovations and you want them to have a more modern design, there are still options to add more traditional wood accents that help add natural elements to the design. One of the options that you may want to consider is wood countertops from hardwoods like walnut or retractable preparation features. There are also options like shelving and other accents that can look great in modern kitchen renovations. The following ideas will help you add interesting wood details to your modern kitchen design.

1. Adding the Right Wood Accents to Your Kitchen Design with Hardwood Countertops

When doing a modern kitchen design for your renovations, you may be considering alternative materials for things like cabinets and countertops. Hardwoods like walnut and pecan can be an excellent replacement for conventional stone countertops. These materials can also be used for other features like shelving and cabinet finishes and they are also durable materials that will last for many years after they have been installed.

2. Creating Open Design with Large Timbers Used as Open Shelving in Your Kitchen Design

One of the big things that you may want to achieve with modern kitchen design is a more open and spacious feeling. This means that you may want to replace some of the kitchen cabinets with open shelving. To do this, you can use the same timber and scraps from wood countertops to make kitchen shelving. This will give the kitchen a more open design and shelving that matches other features like the wood countertops that you used.

3. Finishing Walls with Reclaimed Lumber and Adding Rustic Accents to Modern Kitchen Designs

There are also many options that you may want to consider to give the walls in your kitchen natural wood accents. This can be done by using wood materials to cover areas like ceilings and walls in your kitchen. One of the areas where you want to use something other than wood is around sinks and above the cooktop surfaces because these areas are prone to problems with water, grease, and grime in the kitchen.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider to help give your modern kitchen renovations natural wood details. If you are ready to add the finishing details to your kitchen design, contact a wood countertop service for help with counters, food preparation surfaces, and shelving to add these features to your kitchen design.

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