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Winter Is Here: How to Protect Your Marina During the Cold Weather

by Sara Cook

If you manage a marina, your work doesn't stop just because winter arrives. In fact, you may find that you're even busier during the winter, especially when it comes to preventing damage to your marina and to the boats. Now that winter is officially here, take a look at the list provided below. These tips will help you care for your marina throughout the winter. 

Keep the Water Circulating

If you have boats that are docked at your marina year-round, you need to make sure that the water continues to circulate. Allowing the water to freeze along the marina can cause considerable damage to the boats. Ice-eater pumps will help keep the water circulating and will prevent ice from forming around the boats that are docked. However, it is important that you test your ice-eater pumps to ensure that they're functioning properly. 

Clear the Ice and Snow

When you think about ice and snow removal, you probably think about the main pathways around the marina. However, you also need to make sure that the ice and snow are removed from the docks. To do that, it's essential that you have ice and snow removal equipment on hand that can keep your entire marina clear of snow and ice. 

Conduct Weekly Inspections

When it comes to maintaining your marina throughout the winter, it's important that you conduct weekly inspections on all your vital equipment. Your inspections should include all rails and docks around your marina. In addition, you should also inspect your heating units, backup generators, and power pedestals. Power pedestals are essential for your clients who keep their boats in the water during the winter. In addition to the weekly inspections, it's important that you test your equipment prior to any storms that may be approaching the marina. 

Schedule Repairs Immediately

Finally, if you manage a marina, it's essential that you take care of your winter repairs as quickly as possible. Postponing necessary repairs until spring could put your marina and your boats at risk. It's particularly important that you prioritize repairs involving your docks and rails, or any of the other equipment listed in the previous section. To learn more about winter marina repair, contact a company near you.

Don't take chances with the safety and stability of your marina this winter. Now that winter weather has arrived, use the tips described above to provide maximum protection for your marina, and for the boats that are docked there.