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  • 2 Mistakes To Avoid When Working On Your Home's Electrical Wiring

    2 October 2019

    Whether you are switching out an old outlet or installing a new light switch, you may believe that the job is simple enough to perform yourself. However, whenever you are working with electrical wiring, there are a couple of mistakes that you should avoid to help make the job easier as well as keep your home safe from potential electrical fires. Neglecting to Leave Enough Wire Length to Work with

  • Getting New Windows? 3 Things To Consider

    10 July 2019

    Your windows play a major role in your home's curb appeal and also its energy efficiency. New windows can greatly enhance your home's appearance and even add value. If you have old or broken windows, you'll likely notice a big difference in your energy costs when you have new windows installed. While there are a variety of benefits to getting new windows for your home, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

  • Protecting Your Garage Door From, Of All Things, Your Car

    22 April 2019

    New homeowners who are used to apartment parking lots and street parking may rejoice now that they have a garage of their own. If you're one of these people, congratulations, but be aware that you do have to be careful with your garage and especially the door. You usually hear about keeping your garage door in good shape through cleaning, maintenance, and inspections. What that advice normally doesn't address is protecting your garage door from your car.

  • 3 Reasons Why Your Home Cooling Costs Fluctuate

    16 January 2019

    You keep the temperature on your air conditioner unit set the same all the time. Yet, sometimes your bill seems to follow an average, and sometimes it's considerably higher. What could be wrong? While it's hard to determine the exact cause of cost fluctuations, there are some culprits that are often to blame.  1. Ventilation The exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom serve an important purpose, in that they help circulate air, more importantly, moist, humid air.

  • 3 Tips To Help You Get Equipment At The Best Prices For Your Projects

    20 May 2016

    Having the right tools to get the job done is essential to your projects. There may be some equipment that can help you do your job better, but the investment in new equipment can also be too costly. This is why you may want to consider alternatives to buying new equipment, such as auctions and authorized used equipment dealers. Here are some of the best ways to get your equipment at the lowest prices:

  • DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing Made Easy

    14 April 2016

    If you have hardwood floors in your home, it's important to take good care of them in order to maintain a beautiful look that's free of scratches and stains. Regular refinishing is required to keep them looking new and shiny. Rather than hiring a professional to refinish your hardwood floors, you can do it on your own, and it can usually be done in just a few days. Follow these easy steps to refinish your hardwood floors in no time.

  • Look To Your Gutters For Subtle Signs Of Roof Damage

    18 June 2015

    When a roof is doing its job, it's easy to ignore it. Like walls or floors, it's simply part of the background. But when a roof fails and needs to be repaired or replaced, it's suddenly very hard to ignore. There are some things that can make a roof fail quickly, like a tree limb crashing down during a storm. But many "sudden" roofing failures are really just the end result of a long process of wear.

  • How To Tell If Your Home Boiler System Needs A Repair Technician

    20 April 2015

    Unless you have all the money in the world, you might want to wait until you truly need heating repair before calling a technician. To help you figure out if your home boiler system is on the brink of disaster, you are going to want to check out the following signs. Its Making A Lot Of New Noises If you have an older boiler system, you might be used to hearing the occasional noise.

  • 3 Remodeling Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

    4 December 2014

    A bathroom is one of the more significant rooms in any house. It is where you go to clean up before you start your day and rinse off before your day comes to a close. This makes it unfortunate for someone to be unhappy with his or her bathroom. If you are someone who hates your bathroom, here are three fun remodeling ideas for you to consider. 1. Heated Tile Floors

  • Benefits You Can Get From Adding Skylights To Your Home

    21 November 2014

    Getting companies like Chew Bittel Associates Inc. to install skylights on your roof is a terrific way to improve the interior of your home. What can be better than lying on a sofa and looking up at the sky? But skylights provide you with many other advantages besides this. Below are listed just a few of the benefits you will get by installing skylights in your home. Improved Lighting It's hard to beat natural lighting, and skylights allow you to bring more of this light into your home.