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  • Signs Of Trouble: Know When Your Ceiling Needs Repairs

    12 November 2014

    Your home is your pride and joy, and your sanctuary from the harsh outside world. As such, you strive and work to make sure that it is in the best possible condition at all times. You keep everything clean, clear your gutters of unwanted debris, and even get up on your roof once in a while to make sure your shingles are intact. However, in spite of all of your efforts, the one truth of home ownership is that inevitably something will go wrong, fall apart, or need repair at one point or another.

  • Etch A Design In The Glass Door At Your Shop

    11 November 2014

    Do you have a glass door from a retailer like S & J Door Inc at your shop that you would like to personalize with a special design or logo? If so, you can etch the glass with etching cream and stenciling. After you are finished, your door will stand out and look like one-of-a-kind. The results are permanent and will not come off, even after cleaning the glass. The steps that you need to complete are described below.